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you'll need a minimum amount of kit to take part, it's all listed below

Team Kit
  • 1 X Map (supplied at or near start)
  • 1 X Indelible felt tip pen (you will need this for marking up your map)
  • 1 X Mobile phone (make sure you bring a means to keep it dry, as part of the mandatory kit you will need to carry it at all times, this includes kayaking and tasks which may involve water)
  • 1 X First aid kit (1 crepe bandage, 1 triangle bandage, 2 safety pins, 1 wound dressing & 6 adhesive dressings as a minimum)
  • 1 X Bike repair kit (at least sufficient to repair puncture)
  • 1 X Compass (Recommended not Mandatory)


  • 1 X Mountain bike
  • 1 X Cycle helmet
  • 1 X Rear light for bike
  • 1 X Bell for bike
  • 1 X Front bike light (recommended not mandatory)
  • 1 X Space blanket/bag (foil type or orange bag)
  • 1 X Whistle
  • 1 X Waterproof coat and waterproof trousers. *
  • 1 X Spare base layer top
  • 1 X Small rucksack (Recommended not Mandatory)
  • 1 X Full change of clothes for after the event (Recommended not Mandatory)
  • Drink (Recommended to bring enough to last 3-6 hours)
  • Suitable food / energy source (Recommended to bring enough to last 3-6 hours)

Unless it is otherwise stated all the above kit is Mandatory. Mandatory means you must come to the race with it and carry it at all times.

* Depending on the weather we might make everyone wear waterproof coat & waterproof trousers for the kayak stage make sure you don't forget them.